Glam Up Your Looks Without Worrying About the Expenses by Swapping Your Outfits

Most of us feel the need to keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends. Sometimes, when we look into our closets, we are left wondering why we purchased some clothes in the first place. If you feel that you need your closet updated with new clothes, without having to spend anything, then there is a way to do that. You can now try swapping your clothes online.

The first thing that you need to do, is sort out the outfits you feel you won’t likely be using any longer. Get rid of dresses that do not fit you anymore. Clear out the space in your closet, so that you can accommodate new outfits.

Before clearing each item, ask yourself if you have worn it in the last few months. Get rid of the dress only if your answer is no. Make sure that the clothes are washed properly and pressed. Also, ensure that there are no missing buttons, if the zip works fine, etc. No one obviously wants a dress with missing buttons. You can swap your clothes in two ways. You can either swap online, or organize a swapping party yourself.

Swapping Online:

Take a picture of your clothes and post it on a couple of clothing swap websites. Provide all the possible information about your clothes. If the dress still fits you, you can include pictures of you wearing it. In addition to this, you could provide information regarding what to swap for it. Name your posted item relevantly, so that people can look it up easily.

Swapping Party:

It is usually conducted at the end of the season. The guests need to bring their swapping items to the party. Your clothing would be awarded credits according to its value, and you can use these credits to get outfits from other swappers. Take time to browse through as many outfits as possible. Look for pieces that flatter your figure and skin tone. Don’t limit your swaps to clothing, accessories and shoes. In some parties, you can also bring unopened cosmetics, books and accessories to trade.

You can also host a swapping party in your backyard. You can invite as many people as you want. Decide on how many clothes each person has to bring so that you will not have a pile of unwanted clothes at the end. Fix few mirrors, so that the guests can try out whatever they want to swap with. Have guests pre-sort their own items either by size or category. You could also arrange a charity to come and pick up all the unclaimed items later on.

Don’t just swap your stuff for jean and turtle necks. Try on different types of outfits. You could also go for bold looks too. Once you have swapped all of your unwanted clothes, you would have a whole new wardrobe. If you are bored with your outfits after a few months, you can swap them again. This is a great way to save money and look stunning anytime of the year.

Swap Your Clothes For a Great New Wardrobe

Clothes swapping is the latest fashion craze to hit the UK. It is a great way to get a new wardrobe without spending any money. It is also a great way to recycle and more importantly a fun and risk free way to try out new looks.

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but you only ever wear a few of them, you probably need to have a bit of a clear out and swap the clothes that you don’t wear for something that you will wear. It is really quite easy to clear out your wardrobe. Look through your clothes and decide what you have not worn for at least a year. If you have worn something in the last year, you are unlikely to wear it in the next year. You can also get rid of anything that doesn’t fit properly as it will probably never fit properly. Also clothes that don’t make you look of feel great should go. You should never wear these clothes as they will do nothing for your self confidence.

Once you have a pile of clothes, it is time to let the swapping begin. You can either go along to a clothes swapping party or arrange your own or swap through a clothing swap website. If you are a ion as for you. If you don’t have time for parties and want to spend a little more time considering swap then you can swap your clothes online. Just take some pictures, set up account and off you go. Try and give as much information as you can about your clothes. If you are nit sure about any clothes that you want to swap, ask the owner.

At swapping parties, use the time for browsing to look at as many of the clothes as possible. Look for clothes in your size and items that you love and could perhaps be altered to fit. As you browse get together a list in your head of first, second choice etc. That way if you do not manage to get your first choice, you will still have some other options.

Once you have swapped all of your unwanted clothes, you should have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and make you feel great. If you ever get fed up of these clothes, don’t forget that you can always swap them again and some more great clothes.